Project Management Fast Track Course


Duration : 20 hours

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to give the trainees a reliable background about project management. Project Management is one of those careers that fit into just about every business and industry. The ability to understand and manage projects is both critical and in high demand. This course is designed to give you the tools and concepts to work as a key project team member or as a beginning project manager. The course covers the basics, from what a project is, to collecting requirements and creating a working controllable project management plan. Understanding communications, cost and scheduling are also covered. The course can be taken in the traditional three-day format for public training or customized to a longer schedule for private classes.


The Project Managers Essentials Course is designed for new project managers or those who want to begin project management careers. Those managing others who manage projects or are participants in projects will also benefit. No project management experience is required to take this course.

Course Contents:

  1. Preamble to Project Management
  2. The Characteristics of a Project
  3. P M Role, Responsibilities & Skills
  4. Risk Analysis & Management
  5. Organizational Issues
  6. Goal Setting
  7. Setting Project Objectives
  8. Project Planning
  9. Project Scheduling
  10. Scheduling Tools
  11. Cost Estimating & Budgeting
  12. Communication
  13. Quality
  14. Meeting Management
  15. Selection of Project Team
  16. PM’s Conflicting Roles
  17. Wrap-up, Team evaluation & Reward