Preparation for Basics of Supply Chain Management Course - CPIM



The Basics of Supply Chain Management, (BSCM) module is the first of the 2 parts necessary for APICS CPIM certification.

The basics or CPIM module provides the basic knowledge to manage the complete flow of Supply Chain materials from the supplier to the Client. In addition to generally dealing with the arguments of CPIM certification, it also introduces and explains in detail the professional terminology of Logistics and Operations Management which is indispensable for operating in both local and international contexts.

At the end of the course the Participant will practice CPIM Part 1 exam which represents the first step towards CPIM certification.


The BASICS tutorial programme is a valid tool to increase the level of company awareness by creating a common foundation of SC knowledge in company personnel.



  • Content
    • Introduction to Materials Management
    • Demand Management & Forecasting
    • Master Planning (S&OP, MPS etc)
    • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
    • Capacity Management and Production Activity Control
    • Aggregate Inventory Management (Inventory Fundamentals)
    • Item Inventory Management (e.g Re-Order Points, EOQ, ABC classification)
    • Purchasing & Physical Distribution (Transportation & Warehousing)
    • Lean / JIT and Quality (Management) Systems
    • Theory of Constraints (TOC)


  • Who can be benefitted?
    • Freshers – This course has been designed for freshers who have just cleared their exams and are looking for a head start in Supply chain jobs  
    • Mid-Career shift – People looking to join the logistics and supply chain bandwagon where 1.5 million jobs are there in 2019 itself
    • Sabbatical Guys – have just come back from a short-term break. You are in for a pleasant surprise.
    • Anyone in for Supply Chain Management Knowledge – Anyone who needs a guide on supply chain jobs across. Right from experienced people to Housewife’s- This is for everyone.