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A key pillar of Horus Logistics QHSE management system is the “Goal Zero” initiative. it is a simple message of “no harm to people” i.e. no deaths, no injuries and no significant incidents in any of our operations, any time. It simply translates to believing that we can operate effectively with zero fatalities, zero accidents and zero significant incidents. Therefore, our aim is to make “Goal Zero“ a reality applied across all our operations, by managing safety as a critical business activity that can not be compromised under any circumstances

We are always committed to

  • Appealing to value-driven renters by offering quality vehicles and a rewarding rental experiences.
  • Providing well trained and experienced drivers who possess a “defensive driving certificate”.
  • Introducing quality programs that encourage drivers to share important road safety rules, including wearing the seat belt, respecting speed limits and not using a phone while driving.
  • Integrating innovative technology; all our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system.