Finance For Non-Financial Managers Course


  1. Course description:

Every manager needs to understand finance if they are to play an active role in helping their organization achieve its objectives. However, not every manager needs the same level of skill and understanding as specialist financial managers. A good knowledge of the key concepts of prudent financial management as modern financial accounting should equip all managers with the knowledge they require.

The course is focused on financial/investment decisions, and how the business firm is vitally affected by alternative financial strategies and plans, with enhancing corporate value being the overriding objective. Essentially, all issues are looked at within the context of a dynamic financial/business environment, spelling out the full intricacies of the decision-making process in the area of Finance.


2. Course content :

  • Introduction to Financial Management
    • Accounting vs. Finance
    • Relations with Economics
    • Financial markets and Institutions
  • Financial Statements, Analysis and Ratios
    • Major financial statements and accounting premises
    • Comprehensive financial analysis focusing
    • Different types of ratios and their various uses as well as limitations
  • Financial Planning
    • Forecasting and Budgeting
    • Proforma Financial Statements
  • Long-term Financing Decisions and Capital Structure
    • Nature of the LT financing decision
    • Different sources of LT funds and respective costs
    • The overall weighted cost of capital “WACC”
  • Long-Term Investment Decisions (Capital Budgeting)
    • Cash flows
    • Determination of relevant cash flows in LT investments
    • Capital budgeting techniques for different investment settings