Certified Purchasing Professional


Workshop Overview:

Effective Procurement is, and always has been, fundamental to the success of an organization. On average, over fifty percent of an organization’s total revenue is passed down the Supply Chain. In many sectors however, this can be significantly more for example in the Public Sector, this can exceed eighty percent.

It is imperative that this expenditure is managed and controlled effectively. Poor Procurement leads to, increased cost, poor quality, delays, loss of control and lack of cost visibility. Proactive, professional Procurement will become a value-added function within the organization.

Workshop Objectives:

The main objectives are to develop the participant knowledge about the purchasing and supply management main functions as follows:


  1. How to setup basic purchasing cycle
  2. How to perform supplier selection and evaluation
  3. How to select proper incoterm and payment term
  4. How to use basic material inventory management

Workshop Contents:

  • The importance of purchasing and supplier base and supplier selection
  • The supply chain & procurement / purchasing concepts
  • Make or Buy Decision Making – Pricing / Costing Strategy
  • The supplier selection criteria (Karljick Model) & Supplier Auditing
  • Supplier Network Determination (Sole, Single & Multiple)
  • Data analysis and supplier evaluation
  • INCOTERMS & Payment Methods
  • Material requirement planning (MRP)
  • Inventory Planning Policies (EOQ, POQ, FOQ, KANBAN, MIN/MAX, etc)
  • Negotiation fundamentals techniques (ZOPA, BATNA & Bias)
  • Supplier Risk Management on Product Life Cycle
  • E-Purchasing, E-Sourcing concepts

Language and Handouts:

            English language


         Who should attend:

Junior & Senior buyers / purchasers / Procurement & call off specialists