About Us

HL-Solutions is a world-class freight, clearance and transportation company established to provide a wide-range of cutting-edge services to a diverse cross-section of worldwide manufacturers, technology experts and equipment suppliers. 

Leading by example to become a worldclass shipping and logistics company that sets the benchmark for logistics excellence in the industry.


Delivering Cargo Safe & Sound, Within Budget, On Time, Every Time.



Building Partnerships

CEO Message

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the continuous support and loyalty of our valuable customers.
Our solid partnerships and strategic alliances with key players in the logistics and shipping industry have earned us extensive experience in the field, while driving us to excel and stay ahead through a passionate commitment to excellence.
Our distinguished performance demonstrates the strength of our business model and its deeply-rooted ability to grow and size future possibilities wherever they are in the World. Therefore, we will continue to retain long-standing customer relations while expanding our customer base both locally and globally. I am optimistic about our company’s future, trusting that it will steadily grow into becoming a leading global model celebrated for its exceptional shipping and logistics services that put customers’ success at its heart.
We will continue to expand our horizons by providing innovative solutions, supported by bold, resolute and decisive action.
Finally, we assure our esteemed clients that they are relying on a distinctive, experienced and dedicated team of skilled professionals, in-depth expertise and cutting-edge shipping and logistics services, recognized regionally and globally for its value and excellence. 
— Dr. Alaa Zidan